Rental Scaffold

Scaffolding is an essential part-and-parcel of the construction industry. It’s difficult to scale buildings, do renovation work, or build high-rise apartments without proper scaffolding. Scaffolding can be expensive to purchase, this is why it might be more appropriate to rent scaffolding as and when you need it.

Why is scaffolding so important?

Scaffolding is required legally as an occupational safety feature for workers. Furthermore, it is impossible to carry out high-rise construction and repairs without a steady platform.

Scaffolding exists to elevate workers to heights as they work on multi-story buildings. It is also a support platform for both workers and materials, and is used by those carrying out repair work or cleaning work. As a result scaffolding must be solid, sturdy and safe.

14% of all construction fatalities in 2016 were the result of people falling from heights. This was perhaps due to the fact that the scaffolding did not have proper guardrails, or the guardrails were improperly fixed.

Buying scaffolding is quite expensive so renting is the budget-friendly option. So, where can you rent scaffolding? Transom Scaffolding is a leading supplier of all types of scaffolding requirements. Call us for all your scaffolding needs.

scaffolding companies in Sydney by Transom Scaffolding to hire scaffold.

How to rent a scaffold

In order to know which scaffold you should rent, it’s key that you sit down and define your project’s specifications first. Here are some questions you might need to ask yourself:

  • What does your construction project consist of?
  • What are the heights your workers need to scale?
  • How long do you think your project will last?
  • How much will it cost you to rent scaffolding per day, per week, per month until you’ve completed your project?

Types of Scaffolding

The most common type is the popular freestanding Mobile Scaffolding. The wheels allow it to move freely without requiring much force. No additional structure is needed to provide extra support.

Other types include the Fixed scaffolding – putlog or independent.

And then there is Hanging scaffolding which you can elevate or lower anytime. This type is popular with the Window Washers.

Estimating the Budget

Before you ask yourself, where can I rent scaffolding? You might want to work out a budget first.

Scaffolding is a must as we’ve see above. It’s not just about getting any old scaffolding, but about getting the best scaffolding to meet your construction needs. When looking for a scaffolding company to rent from, it’s important that you work with a company that has a reliable and safe track record of providing quality scaffolding.

Such companies offer competitive prices. Get a few quotes to help come up with a good estimate of how much it will cost you to rent scaffolding. Contact Transom Scaffolding for a no-obligations free quote today.

Where to find affordable scaffolding

Transom Scaffolding is a leading scaffolding supplier in Sydney. We’ve been supplying reliable and safe scaffolding systems to local construction companies for years. Come through and talk to us about your scaffolding needs.

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